Largest conveyor manufacturer creates over 100 new positions

Largest conveyor manufacturer creates over 100 new positions

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -A Region 8 company is growing and that growth means more jobs.

Hytrol the largest conveyor manufacturer in North America and is located in Jonesboro.

HR Director for Hytrol Ed Mata said they had a record year in 2017 and they need to hire more people.

“Obviously, we are looking at innovative ways to create not just products,” Mata said. “We have been successful to market in but also innovative ways of designing what the customer wants in the future."

Hytrol provides material handling solutions and currently has over 1,000 employees.

Mata said the job creation will vary in skill set.

“If you are an experienced welder let’s say that has a skill set there,” Mata said. “Someone who might be in our power assembly, you might actually go in and be interviewed and actually do a testing before your vetted for that job.”

“So, it runs from entry level,” Mata said. “All the way to a more experienced.”

Mata said they are looking to hire an additional 140 more people.

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