72nd NEA Tournament tips off Saturday

72nd NEA Tournament tips off Saturday

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Natural State tradition tips off this weekend. The 72nd NEA Invitational Basketball Tournament begins Saturday at First National Bank Arena.

There are three divisions and at least two guaranteed games for every team in the field. Games will be played December 15th, December 20th, December 21st, December 22nd, December 27th, and December 28th.

Bracket games will be played at FNBA while consolation matchups are at Bearcat Arena in Brookland.

You can see the complete schedule below.

72nd NEA Tournament

Saturday, December 15th (First National Bank Arena)

10:30am: Manila vs. East Poinsett County (Division 1 Girls quarterfinal)

12:00pm: Rector vs. Marked Tree (Division 1 Girls quarterfinal)

1:30pm: Buffalo Island Central vs. Armorel (Division 1 Girls quarterfinal)

3:00pm: Tuckerman vs. Trumann (Division 2 Girls quarterfinal)

4:30pm: Marmaduke vs. Buffalo Island Central (Division 2 Boys)

6:00pm: Palestine-Wheatley vs. Cross County (Division 1 Boys 1st round)

7:30pm: Salem vs. Armorel (Division 1 Boys 1st round)

Thursday, December 20th (First National Bank Arena)

1:30pm: Palestine-Wheatley vs. Cross County (Division 1 Girls quarterfinal)

3:00pm: Viola vs. Mammoth Spring (Division 2 Girls quarterfinal)

4:30pm: Marmaduke vs. Izard County (Division 2 Girls quarterfinal)

6:00pm: Riverside vs. Harrisburg (Division 1 Boys quarterfinal)

7:30pm: Riverside vs. Newport (Division 2 Girls quarterfinal)

9:00pm: Tuckerman vs. Marmaduke/BIC winner (Division 2 Boys quarterfinal)

Friday, December 21st (First National Bank Arena)

12:00pm: Viola/Mammoth Spring winner vs. Marmaduke/ICC winner (Division 2 Girls semifinal)

1:30pm: BIC/Armorel winner vs. Palestine/Cross County winner (Division 1 Girls semifinal)

3:00pm: Riverside/Newport winner vs. Trumann/Tuckerman winner (Division 2 Girls semifinal)

4:30pm: Valley View vs. Westside (Division 3 Girls quarterfinal)

6:00pm: Brookland vs. Rivercrest (Division 3 Girls quarterfinal)

7:30pm: Batesville vs. Cave City (Division 3 Girls quarterfinal)

9:00pm: Nettleton vs. Harrisburg (Division 3 Girls quarterfinal)

Friday, December 21st - Consolation (Bearcat Arena)

1:30pm: BIC/Armorel loser vs. Palestine/Cross County loser (Division 1 Girls)

3:00pm: Rector/Marked Tree loser vs. Manila/EPC loser (Division 1 Girls)

4:30pm: Riverside/Harrisburg loser vs. Salem/Armorel loser (Division 1 Boys)

6:00pm: Viola/Mammoth Spring loser vs. Marmaduke/ICC loser (Division 2 Girls)

7:30pm: Riverside/Newport loser vs. Trumann/Tuckerman loser (Division 2 Girls)

Saturday, December 22nd (First National Bank Arena)

9:00am: Mammoth Spring vs. CRA (Division 1 Boys quarterfinal)

10:30am: Viola vs. Salem/Armorel winner (Division 1 Boys quarterfinal)

12:00pm: Ridgefield Christian vs. Riverside/Harrisburg winner (Division 1 Boys quarterfinal)

1:30pm: Rector vs. Palestine/Cross County winner (Division 1 Boys quarterfinal)

3:00pm: Rivercrest vs. Marked Tree (Division 2 Boys quarterfinal)

4:30pm: Manila vs. Bay (Division 2 Boys quarterfinal)

6:00pm: Trumann vs. East Poinsett County (Division 2 Boys quarterfinal)

7:30pm: Brookland vs. Valley View (Division 3 Boys quarterfinal)

Thursday, December 27th - Semifinals (First National Bank Arena)

10:30am: 12/21 7:30pm winner vs. 12/21 6:00pm winner (Division 3 Girls)

12:00pm: 12/21 9:00pm winner vs. 12/21 4:30pm winner (Division 3 Girls)

1:30pm: 12/22 12:00pm winner vs. 12/22 10:30am winner (Division 1 Boys)

3:00pm: 12/22 6:00pm winner vs. 12/22 4:30pm winner (Division 2 Boys)

4:30pm: 12/22 1:30pm winner vs. 12/22 9:00am winner (Division 1 Boys)

6:00pm: 12/20 9:00pm winner vs. 12/22 3:00pm winner (Division 2 Boys)

7:30pm: Westside vs. Blytheville (Division 3 Boys)

9:00pm: Nettleton vs. Brookland/Valley View winner (Division 3 Boys)

Thursday, December 27th - Consolation (Bearcat Arena)

10:30am: Division 1 Girls 3rd Place Game

12:00pm: Division 2 Girls 3rd Place Game

1:30pm: Palestine/Cross County loser vs. Mammoth Spring/CRA loser (Division 1 Boys)

3:00pm: Trumann/EPC loser vs. Manila/Bay loser (Division 2 Boys)

4:30pm: Marmaduke/BIC loser vs. Rivercrest/Marked Tree loser (Division 2 Boys)

6:00pm: Batesville/Cave City loser vs. Brookland/Rivercrest loser (Division 3 Girls)

7:30pm: Nettleton/Harrisburg loser vs. Valley View/Westside loser (Division 3 Girls)

Friday, December 28th (First National Bank Arena)

12:00pm: Division 1 Girls Championship

1:30pm: Division 1 Boys Championship

3:00pm: Division 2 Girls Championship

4:30pm: Division 2 Boys Championship

6:00pm: Division 3 Girls Championship

7:30pm: Division 3 Boys Championship

Friday, December 28th - Consolation (Bearcat Arena)

12:00pm: Division 1 Boys 3rd Place Game

1:30pm: Division 2 Boys 3rd Place Game

3:00pm: Division 3 Girls 3rd Place Game

TBD: Division 3 Boys Consolation Games

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