New report shows stunning numbers on teen vaping and drug use

New report shows stunning numbers on teen vaping and drug use
pic of someone vaping (Source: NBCNC National)

(NBC News/KAIT) -Vaping and drug use among teenagers is at an all-time high and there’s no sign of quit coming any time soon.

Erika Edwards with NBC News reported this is according to a information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Over 37% of high school seniors said they’ve vaped, which is up from just over a quarter of 12th graders last year.

The annual report showed kids are vaping nicotine, marijuana and e-liquid flavors.

Dr. Wilson Compton with the National Institute on Drug Abuse said there’s always nicotine.

“Even the items that say they have flavors," Dr. Compton said. "If you read the fine print and read what they say, it always includes nicotine. But the consumer doesn’t always know that. So they may not be aware that they’re using nicotine when they’re using this product.”

Nicotine is known to be highly addictive and experts said e-cigarettes are getting a whole new generation hooked, causing the FDA to declare teen vaping an epidemic.

The FDA has threatened to ban all flavored vaping products, unless manufacturers can come up with a solid plan to curb youth access and use.

The survey did have some good news though, it said teenage use of alcohol, prescription painkillers and regular cigarettes are all down.

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