Prosecutor says officers will not be charged in shooting

Prosecutor says officers will not be charged in shooting
Jonesboro officers will not face charges. (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington says the officers were justified in shooting at Gladiolus Apartments on Dec. 11.

A press release was issued from the Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s office on Tuesday.

Officers discovered a 41-year-old man who had been shot several times.

JPD attempted to contact the tenant, 56-year-old Brenda Thomas, who was in the bathroom of the apartment with a handgun.

Several attempts were made to get Thomas to exit peacefully.

OC and CS gas were used.

A remote camera used by JPD SWAT showed the gases had no effect on Thomas.

JPD SWAT then tried noise devices, or flash bangs, which were also unsuccessful.

After four hours of failed negotiation, JPD deployed K9 Gabo into the residence.

Gabo was shot by Thomas and his handler, Jonesboro Police Officer Erik Johnson was left exposed.

Officer Johnson began retrieving Gabo when JPD SWAT officer Jason Chester, Josh Landreth and Nathan Ivy went into the apartment.

Chester and Landreth made contact with Thomas who raised her gun and pointed it at both of them.

Both Chester and Landreth fired, along with Ivy who was providing cover for Chester and Landreth.

Thomas was hit three times and died later at the hospital.

The Arkansas State Police CID investigation revealed Thomas shot the maintenance man as he entered her apartment and Thomas had been told he was coming in 45 minutes prior to the shooting.

Ellington stated in the release that officers Chester and Landreth fired their weapons in self-defense and Ivy fired his weapon in defense of fellow officers.

No prosecution will follow in this case.

Jonesboro police released body camera video of the incident. Some of the video is graphic in nature. Region 8 News has also made the decision to edit out the video showing the suspect Brenda Thomas being shot. The video contains strong images and language. View discretion is advised.

Body Camera Video from Officer Involved Shooting

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