Water pipe bursts in Courthouse forcing repairs

Water pipe bursts in Courthouse forcing repairs

JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -A water pipe burst in the vanity of the third-floor bathroom at Jackson County Court House in November.

People who worked there were forced to relocate their offices and now the Courthouse is under construction.

The two areas with major water damage were the Circuit Clerk’s and Tax Collector’s offices.

Jackson County Judge Jeff Phillips said that carpet is currently being pulled out of the tax collector’s office and flooring is expected to be in sometime next week.

“It’s just a process you have to go through.” Phillips said. “The main thing is that we wanted to make sure there wasn’t any structure damage.”

Phillips said some of the desks had damage and will need to be custom made, which could take longer, but the offices can open while desks are being repaired.

“The goal is to have offices back in the courthouse by early Jan. 2019,” Phillips said.

The contractor will start work on Dec. 19 in the circuit clerk’s office.

Both the circuit clerk office and tax collector office have been temporarily relocated to Village Mall in Newport.

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