Gov. Hutchinson supports changes to Medicaid

Gov. Hutchinson supports changes to Medicaid
Asa Hutchinson (Source: Facebook)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT/KHBS) - Governor Asa Hutchinson said he supports potential cuts to the state’s Medicaid program, according to Fayetteville ABC affiliate KHBS.

Hutchinson said potential cuts is a good way to eliminate wasteful spending.

The Federal Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services said Arkansas pays more for assisted living facilities than Oklahoma and Texas and that the state should make some funding cuts.

If approved, reimbursements for assisted living centers would go from about $80 a day per patient to around $62 a day by 2021.

“We’ve had too much waste in our Medicaid system and I think this is part of bring it in-line with what is some very serious studies that have been done,” Hutchinson said.

Members of the Rules and Regulations subcommittee were told the cuts could save tax payers close to $200 million per year.

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