Greene County to switch to centralized dispatch center at midnight

Greene County will switch to a centralized E911 center at midnight Monday.
Greene County will switch to a centralized E911 center at midnight Monday.((Source: KAIT-TV))
Published: Dec. 31, 2018 at 5:56 PM CST
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GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - When the ball drops at midnight, there will also be a switch in dispatch services in Greene County.

If you live in Greene County, as far as what you do in an emergency situation, there's no difference.

Officials stress that you still call 911.

But what does change, is where that call goes.

After incoming Sheriff Steve Franks is sworn in at midnight Monday, he and 911 Director Michael McCammon will head to the Greene County Sheriff's Office to make the switch on the phone systems.

The sheriff's office dispatch center will be dissolved, and Greene County will then have one central dispatch center in Paragould.

"One of the main benefits is faster response times," McCammon said. "We're able to disseminate information a lot faster and not having to pass it along to another dispatch agency for them to, in turn, pass it along to their responders."

Another benefit is it will be easier to share and access information by each police department.

It's something Franks has worked toward since he started campaigning to be sheriff.

"With everybody in the county now coming to the 911 center, everything will be right here in this building," Franks said. "Every phone call that comes through will come through this 911 center and there's no delays whatsoever in any type of dispatching call."

Something that will affect citizens, the sheriff's office will no longer have someone available in the lobby after 5 o'clock.

Franks encourages anyone who needs assistance to use the red phone in the lobby to reach a jailer.

Both Franks and McCammon stress that in case of an emergency, everyone should still call 911.

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