Fitness apps help with new year’s resolutions

Fitness apps help with new year’s resolutions
Exercise and healthier eating seem to be the top two on New Year's resolution lists but staying on target is sometimes hard for people. (Source: KAIT-TV)

National (NBC/KAIT) - It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, and apps can help with reaching health goals.

“MyFitness Pal” is a personal coach for healthier living.

It helps someone make the best food choices, instead of just counting calories. It teaches about nutrition and macronutrients. Another added benefit is the help with workout goals depending on the type of work out.

“Blogilates” is from Youtube fitness star Cassey Ho, who teaches about getting fit, diets, recipe swap, motivation, music and more.

She leads encouraging video workouts, with her upbeat approach and attitude.

“BetterMe” helps develop wellness by creating meal and workout plans.

This app is available in five languages.

It offers tips and guides on proper diet and getting rid of excessive fat. The app will also send reminders and motivating messages to encourage training and a healthy diet.

All of the apps are free with IOS and Android.

The MyFitness Pal and Blogilates apps have premium options available.

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