Mediterranean diet named the best for 2019

Mediterranean Diet Lowers Cardiovascular Risk

(CNN) - Looking for the best way to get healthy and stay that way but overwhelmed by all the nutrition programs you see?

U.S. News and World report has released its annual list of the best diets just in time for all those New Year’s resolutions.

The Mediterranean diet takes the spot for 2019.

It's based on lifestyles from countries along the Mediterranean Sea.

People there tend to live longer and are far less likely than Americans to suffer from cancer or heart disease, according to U.S. News and World Report.

The Mediterranean diet puts an emphasis on living an active lifestyle first and foremost.

The diet also recommends a diet rich in produce, whole grains, nuts, olive oil and seafood.

Red meat and sugary foods are very limited.

But don't be shy about adding in red wine in moderation of course.

The Mediterranean diet is also ranked as the best diet for diabetes.

Wondering which diet came in last?

The very high protein rule-heavy Dukan diet took that spot.

Experts ranked the diet poorly in heart-healthy, ease of use, and overall impact on health.

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