Arkansas side of Big River Crossing closed over Mississippi River flooding

Arkansas side of Big River Crossing closed over Mississippi River flooding
(Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Flooding in Arkansas is leading to some closures on Big River Crossing.

The Arkansas floodplains are closed due to the Mississippi River's expected continued flooding.

Officials expect the river to continue to flood over the next two weeks.

The Mississippi River stands at about 27 feet, and is expected to crest at 32 feet.

The swollen river is reducing trees and shrubs along the banks of the Mississippi River.

Rain and snow from the north are now trickling down, filling the river and swallowing the Mighty Mississippi shoreline.

The Arkansas gate of Big River Crossing will also close. More gate closures may also be necessary.

“The Mississippi River is kind of the main river that other rivers flow in to, if that makes sense,” said Meteorologist Nick Gunter. “So, it has to go somewhere, the water does.”

Nick said the flooding happens every year starting about this time and continues into the spring.

“Everywhere I am seeing green here that’s some flood warnings that we are watching and most of the Mississippi River in Missouri, along Illinois, Kentucky, even north of Memphis we are seeing some flood warning along it,” Gunter said.

“Memphis, we call it the Bluff City, it’s on a bluff it’s a little higher above the river flood stage, but the Arkansas side is more of the delta, flat land,” Gunter said.

That makes it more susceptible to flooding from the river’s rising water and pushes cyclists and runners off the trail for now.

Big River Crossing will continue to be open from the Memphis side. Visitors will be prohibited from entering or exiting the Arkansas side.

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