OUCH! Player slams face-first into backboard on block attempt

Basketball player jumps head first into backboard

ROCK ISLAND, IL (KWQC/NBC News) - A North Central College basketball player is on the mend after an attempted block went horribly wrong Wednesday night.

North Central’s Blaise Meredith was attempting to to block a shot from behind against Augustana College, but instead ended up flying face-first into the bottom of the backboard.

As Meredith went up for the block, he got a lift from the opposing player that propelled him up and into the backboard. Meredith crashed down to the court and stayed down as officials and other players made sure he was all right.

Miraculously, he would get up on his own and even return to the game a short time later. Read more: http://bit.ly/2Qk0UWf

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