Mississippi River flooding leads to closures in the Mid-South

Mississippi River flooding leads to closures in the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Mississippi River flooding to the north is causing some closures in the Mid-South.

The gate on the Arkansas side of Big River Crossing is now closed, restricting access to the Big River Trails.

Most of the people at Big River Crossing were surprised by what they found on the Arkansas side Sunday.

The locked gate forced some of them to change their plans.

According to WMC Meteorologist Nick Gunter, the flooding is due to rain and snow from the north traveling downstream.

"The Mississippi River is kind of the main river that other rivers flow in to, if that makes sense so, it has to go somewhere, the water does," said Gunter.

The river stood at 29 feet Sunday morning. It is expected to crest Thursday at 32 feet.

Gunter said the flooding happens every year starting around this time and continues into the spring.

“Memphis, we call it the Bluff City. It’s on a bluff, it’s a little higher above the river flood stage, but the Arkansas side is more of the delta.. flat land,” said Gunter.

Officials are expecting more areas on the Arkansas side of the river to close.

Big River Crosing remains open on the Memphis side.

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