Watching your finances for a better wallet in the New Year

Improving your personal finances in 2019

(NBC NATIONAL/KAIT) -A lot of people are working towards better bodies as a part of their New Year’s resolution, but what about a healthier wallet?

Money managers and analysts said about a third of us have financial resolutions for the new year.

Analysts like’s Ted Rossman said you should try an uncommon approach.

“Maybe, you could even take on a 2nd job temporarily," Rossman said. “Anything from a a ride-share driver to babysitting to help improve your finances.”

In addition to spending less money, come up with ways to make more, like asking the boss for a raise.

In these first few weeks it's also a good idea to check on your credit score.

Rossman said a lot of people who have errors on their credit reports, costs them money.

Finally, if you're nervous about the crazy swings expected in the stock market, consider moving your money back to a regular bank savings account.

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