City Council meeting held to discuss job cuts

City Council meeting held to discuss job cuts

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - A special city council meeting was held in Piggott to discuss job cuts affecting several employees.

An executive session took place on Jan. 8 where city officials discussed issuing severance packages to the employees.

The jobs that were cut impacted a general laborer at the Piggott Power Plant, electrical superintendent and a treasurer.

Mayor of Piggott Travis Williams was sworn in on Jan. 1.

Williams did not want to go on camera but issued this statement:

“In reviewing all of the budgetary needs of the city for 2019 we have found ways to merge and streamline duties that would allow us to redirect those funds in a manner that would give the city a greater return. We are looking forward to providing more and better services to the citizens while looking at ways to lower our utility rates.”

A local business owner in attendance at the meeting did not agree with the mayor’s decision.

Teresa Morris, owner of the Rusty Nail Design Shop , said that she was not in agreement of people being fired on the first day.

Especially when the 2019 budget had not yet been approved.

“I did not think that was fair since several of them had been here for several years,” Morris said. “One of them had been here for 23 years, one was four months from retiring and drawing out retirement pay, and another one was shy of her retirement."

Piggott city attorney Kimberly Dale said city officials are trying to find a way to allocate funds to improve city services.

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