Josh Hawley, country’s youngest Senator, takes place on Capitol Hill

Missouri Senator  Josh Hawley will be serving on five committees in the new Congress. (Source:...
Missouri Senator Josh Hawley will be serving on five committees in the new Congress. (Source: Josh Hawley, Twitter)((Source: Josh Hawley, Twitter))
Published: Jan. 7, 2019 at 9:39 PM CST
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Gray DC) - Following one of the most bitter political fights in the country, Republican Senator Josh Hawley says he wants what’s best for all of Missouri. Our Washington Correspondent Alana Austin catches up with the youngest senator on Capitol Hill.

From Jefferson City, to Washington, DC, 39-year-old GOP Senator Josh Hawley pledges to show you what he can do for the red -- and blue -- portions of the show-me state.

“I was in line the other day at a sandwich shop and a gal took me aside and she said, ‘I didn’t vote for you, but just remember: you work for me now.’ And she’s exactly right!” said Hawley.

The new Senator says his top goals this year: beef up border security, lower health care costs, and hold big tech companies more accountable.

“It’s about Missouri first, last and always," explained Hawley.

For a freshman, Hawley landed unusually-powerful positions working on military and legal issues. He joins a republican majority that will be forced to cooperate with House democrats to write new laws or pass budgets. But party lines will be plenty to approve the president’s picks for his cabinet and federal courts.

“That's an important part of what the senate does," says fellow Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt.

Blunt -- Hawley’s more senior counterpart -- says he enjoyed working with democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Hawley’s election further cements the Show-Me state’s republican lean, while tilting its representation closer to younger generations.

“Having young members and particularly having young families, I think is an important connection to what the country’s all about and why we’re here and how important the future is," says Blunt on Hawley, who has a wife and two young boys.

“Living right now through what so many families in Missouri go through with kids - I hope it makes me alert and alive to those things," said Hawley.

But before Hawley can truly focus on his new priorities -- he and every other lawmaker need to sort out how to resolve last year’s ongoing government shutdown.

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