ASP Lt. suspended for seven days without pay, records indicate

ASP Lt. suspended for seven days without pay, records indicate
(Source: Arkansas State Police)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - An Arkansas State Police lieutenant has been disciplined after an internal investigation by the agency uncovered allegations of violations of ASP policy involving rules of conduct.

According to a Freedom of Information Act request by Region 8 News, ASP suspended Lt. Brant Tosh for seven days without pay in early December in connection with the investigation.

A disciplinary agreement signed by ASP officials and Tosh, who worked with Company F based in Jonesboro, on Dec. 4 also noted that Tosh is ineligible for promotion for one year and “may not attempt to take law enforcement action or drive any state-owned vehicle while on suspension.”

The 300-page case file in the matter provides details on the issue and what ASP alleged happened, including a Feb. 20, 2018 memo on the allegations.

“Lt. Tosh used his administrative assistant for work unrelated to Arkansas State Police (ASP) business during the time she was being compensated by the state. He also used the services of the inmate assigned to ASP headquarters in Jonesboro for his personal benefit,” ASP alleged in the Feb. 20, 2018 memo. “Lt. Tosh drove his state vehicle to a school board conference in Little Rock that was unrelated to agency business in December 2016. A Company F agent performed work on a boat belonging to Lt. Tosh during his work day on more than one occasion. It was agreed upon by personnel working at headquarters in Jonesboro that Lt. Tosh is typically present in the office approximately twenty (20) hours per week.”

The investigation included several interviews with ASP special agents, as well as the administrative assistant and the inmate, in Oct. 2017 about the allegations.

During an interview with the Command Staff Review Board, Tosh told the board that he believed he did not violate several ASP-related policies including computer use, vehicle usage, employment not to be used to secure advantage, abuse of petition, Fair Labor Standards Act, Inmate Usage and Workplace Harassment.

Officials also said in the memo that the facts showed otherwise.

“The board notes that even though Lt. Tosh denied violating these policies, his testimony indicated a clear violation of several,” the memo noted.

On the computer use policy, ASP officials alleged that Tosh had his secretary enter Valley View school employee’s birthdays and other personal data into a Outlook calendar and asked his secretary to use the computer to manage a 5K run.

On the inmate policy issue, ASP officials also alleged Lt. Tosh violated policy by asking the inmate to fix his daughter’s lamp, as well as asked the inmate to fix a leaf blower that was owned by Tosh.

“There are conflicting statements between what the inmate stated and what Lt. Tosh stated as what occurred. The circumstances surrounding this incident are highly questionable and reflect extremely poor judgment upon someone entrusted with the command of an ASP CID company,” the letter said.

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