Group fights to revitalize abandoned areas

Land Bank Commission meeting is held

Group fights to revitalize abandoned areas
The Jonesboro Land Bank Commission met Tuesday January 8 at the City Council Chambers. (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Land Bank Commission wants to increase home ownership and reverse urban blight.

At a meeting Jan. 8, the commission highlighted and summarized some of the main projects they did over the last six months and then discussed the 2019 state land auction.

They hope to begin their first rehab project soon and discussed seven properties at the meeting.

Jonathan Smith, director of the land bank, believes the next big thing for the commission is preparing for the land auction.

“We have an interest in those lots,” Smith said. "So, if we go and make the minimum bid with our interest, then we may become the owner of some of these properties by default.”

Smith said the commission is trying to maintain the architectural fabric of the community.

The idea is to take an abandoned structure, or piece of land, and instead of condemning or demolishing it, turn it into a single-family residence.

The first project will be discussed at the Jan. 15 city council meeting.

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