Mayor discusses hot topics for residents

Mayor discusses hot topics for residents

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, AR (KAIT) - Officials in Cherokee Village are working to improve the road conditions and procedures involved, raising some questions for residents.

Newly re-elected Mayor of Cherokee Village Russ Stokes said one of his goals during his term will be to improve low water crossings at Town Center.

Stokes said he has contacted the Arkansas Department of Transportation to work on a design plan.

He believes it will be available sometime this month for review.

They plan to hold an input session in order to get opinions from citizens.

He also wants to purchase two additional storm sirens to help with emergency situations.

Stokes said he hopes they can do this without asking for contributions. He said the budget approval has helped them to move forward.

"We approved our budget in December,” Stokes said. “We were able to convince operations under the new budget without operating under the old budget, saving time that was consumed with all the processes involving budget approval.”

ARDOT recently did a four-mile hot asphalt overlay from the north entrance of Cherokee Village to the Fulton County line.

Stokes said road repairs are a hot button topic for the residents, but they are going to work on procedures to help future repairs run more smoothly.

He said he isn’t sure about the role pending litigation involving the Suburban Improvement District (SID), the city and the county will play in the future, but said it could have an impact financially for the city.

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