Project helps people stay warm during the winter

Projects helps people stay warm during the winter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A project designed to keep people warm and unite the community is underway in Jonesboro.

Project Warm, one of the city’s newest nonprofit organizations, was created after Bethany Davis realized a need for jackets while volunteering at the HUB (Helping Underserved Belong).

"I didn’t realize how many people in Jonesboro really needed coats,” said Davis.

The realization led to an idea that will soon help many people.

“The idea came to me when I was walking to my car," Davis said. "I was so cold. I’m always freezing and I just couldn’t imagine how somebody could just sit out and be cold the entire night. The whole winter really.”

That’s when she developed Project Warm with the intention of not only helping those in need, but also connecting the community.

“What we’re doing is taking coats," Davis said. "Gently-used coats, scarves, hoodies and anything that can keep people warm during the winter months. We’re taking those items and tying them around light poles in Jonesboro.”

The articles of clothing aren’t the only thing that will be attached to the light poles.

“What really makes it different is that we are going to be attaching a positive message to it,” Davis said. “It’s going to be handwritten messages from people in our community about how we are all connected and how we all care.”

The clothing and notes will be found in high-traffic areas such as Race Street, Johnson Avenue, Stadium Boulevard, Caraway Road, and Cate Street.

City leaders like Director of Communications Bill Campbell are excited about what this could do for Jonesboro.

“I think it is a really kindhearted project," Campbell said. "This project is a good example of who so many people in Jonesboro are.”

“For us to be able to give back to our own community is something really, really beautiful,” said Davis.

“That’s heart right there," Campbell said. "And also character and that is the best side of Jonesboro.”

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