Miracle Kids expanding developmental therapy services for kids

Miracle Kids expanding developmental therapy services for kids

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A local day treatment facility for kids with special needs is expanding soon, adding a new facility with about 60 extra spots for enrollees.

This comes after a similar therapy clinic called Ascent Children’s Health Services closed their doors back in October.

Once Ascent closed, Miracle Kids saw a huge need in surrounding communities.

So, the business got approval from the state to take in some of the kids who lost therapy services.

Now they're expanding to serve even more.

Miracle Kids has been renovating the old Ascent building on Glendale Street, and it will open up Monday, Jan. 14.

The plan is to move about 40 kids from their current location to the new building, and open up about 60 new spots available.

With this expansion, they're able to provide developmental therapy for more kids in Craighead, Greene, and Poinsett counties.

"There is always going to be a need for a clinic like this or a facility like ours, there's always going to be kid that might need services," Early Childhood Development Specialist with Miracle Kids Jessie Tyer said. "But we, as a company, want to make it more accessible for parents to have options and choices."

Through the expansion, Tyer said Miracle Kids has also partnered with Thrive Integrative Counseling Service, a mental health facility.

So, they're now able to provide mental health therapy to the kids that need it as well.

If you’re interested in getting your child enrolled at Miracle Kids' new location, you can find their contact information here.

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