Pack of “vicious dogs” has residents fearing for their safety

Pack of “vicious dogs” has residents fearing for their safety

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A pack of vicious dogs has some residents in Craighead County fearing for the safety of their pets and their families.

At least four people living in the Terra Hills neighborhood and on County Roads 769 and 771 say the dogs have attacked their pets, sending them to the hospital.

According to a sheriff’s office incident report, one woman stated the pack attacked her dog, fatally wounding it.

One victim told police the dogs belong to a named suspect who lives in the 6200-block of Highway 351 (Old Greensboro Road).

The man said the dogs dug under a chain link fence and attacked his dog.

He said he fears for his livestock, as well as the safety of his family. He added the dogs “bark, growl, and come towards him aggressively.”

A Terra Hills resident told Sgt. Jason Allen the pack “continues to get bigger and is afraid for her safety and others.”

Since Jan. 7, the sheriff’s office has received multiple phone calls and Facebook messages about the dogs.

Allen went to the home where it’s believed the dogs lived to speak with the owner, but was unable to make contact.

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