Boy Scouts of America will allow girls to earn Eagle Scout rank

Boy Scouts of America will allow girls to earn Eagle Scout rank

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Starting in February, girls ages 11 to 17 will be welcomed into the Scouts to start working toward the Eagle Scout rank.

When Brian Look celebrated his son's Eagle Scout accomplishment.. only one thing about the day made him sad.

"I turn to my daughter and I'm thinking you'll never get the chance to do this," said Look.

Look will lead an all-female Scout Troop in Olive Branch, Mississippi next month.

Rhonda Standridge will lead another troop in Memphis.

"They're so totally excited about it," said Standridge.

Chickasaw Council Scout CEO Richard Fisher said younger girls were welcome last spring into the cub scouts.

There are now 16 packs in the Cub Scouts that include girls in the Mid-South.

“The challenge for us organizationally is what do you do with the 10 year old girls that are Cub Scouts? Where do they go,” said Fisher.

Fisher said there is interest from girls across the country.

Last year, Boy Scouts of America recruited 73,000 girls.

February's change will allow girls aging out of Cub Scouts to officially begin their time with the Boy Scouts.

"We've spent a lot of time in the program, and enjoy doing it as a family," said Standridge.

The Standridges will take this next step as a family too.

Rhonda Standridge will have the help of her daughter in leading the all-female troop.

Margaret Standridge participated in some scout events for girls as a teenager, but was never able to be a full Scout.

Now, she is excited to be in a leadership position during this new time for boy scouts.

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