City police department turns to sheriff’s office for training help

City police department turns to sheriff’s office for training help
Harrisburg Police Department reached out to sheriff's office for help with training new officers. (Source: KAIT)

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - A city police department full of officers that have just graduated from the police academy reached out for help in getting its officers up to speed quickly.

The Harrisburg Police Department consists of four full-time officers.

And with no veteran police officers on the force, the department turned to the Poinsett County Sheriff's Office for help with hands-on training.

“The Sheriff was more than happy to help out the city of Harrisburg and help train these officers before we just throw them out on the street,” Mayor Justin Kimble said.

Kimble said Chief Cassie Brandon reached out to Sheriff Kevin Molder.

The new police force paired up with veteran deputies at the sheriff's office for field training.

The academy teaches basics and the knowledge needed for policing, but the sheriff's chief deputy knows there is nothing like hands-on experience.

"And that's learned day to day dealing with people and different situations," Chief Deputy Steven Rorex said. "That's something that you can't get out of a book."

Mayor Kimble said the training is even more necessary now as Chief Brandon has announced her resignation, and the young police force will have a brand new chief of police coming in as well.

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