New diet sweeps the nation for weight loss

New diet sweeps the nation for weight loss
(Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) - The Keto diet is being proclaimed around the world as one of the best ways to shed pounds.

The diet focuses foods high in fat and low in carbs and puts your body into what's called a ketosis mode by forcing it to use stored fat.

"It fools your body into a state of feeling like it's starving,” Dr. Corey Hebert, medical expert said. “Once it's starving your body says hey, I've stored all of the fat around my body. I can change this fat into sugar, and I don't have to eat sugar."

But Dr. Hebert said that if you try the diet, start off slow because if you don't eat any carbs, you could actually develop hypoglycemia and pass out.

Dr. Hebert said to always consult with a physician before starting a diet.

Some of the foods you can eat for this diet include, seafood, cheese, meat, poultry and plain Greek yogurt.

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