One dead, 14 sickened in suspected Fentanyl mass overdose

One dead in suspected mass overdose of Fentanyl

CHICO, CA (KNVN/NBC News) - Investigators are working to determine what caused one person to die and 14 others to fall ill in what’s being described as a “mass overdose” inside a Chico, California home.

So far, police suspect the drug Fentanyl.

“Every indication is that this mass overdose incident was caused from the ingestion of some form of Fentanyl in combination with another substance, although that is yet to be confirmed,” Chief Mike O’Brien said.

Chico police and first responders were called to the home early Saturday morning. Inside they found one person dead and 14 others overdosed.

“For a single family residence to get this many individuals, especially all at one time, to walk in and have six CPRs in progress, that’s a pretty big deal,” said Chico Fire Division Chief Jesse Alexander.

Two responding officers were also taken to the hospital for exposure to Fentanyl. As of Sunday evening, seven patients remained hospitalized. Read more:

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