Tuesday’s GMR8 Foxhole with Trey & Jim

Tuesday's GMR8 Foxhole 01-15-19

HELSINKI, FINLAND (KAIT/NBC News) - When you think of Finland, mermaids and mermen are not the first things that comes to mind.

But if you’d like to learn to become a mermaid or merman, Finland is the place to go.

Instructor Maija Mottonen always wanted to a mermaid.

"It's my childhood dream come true. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a mermaid or a dolphin, but I think it's easier to become a mermaid because it's half human," Mottonen said.

She has over 200 students, including Markus Parviainen.

He ordered his merman tail online for about 200 dollars.

Since August, he's taken Maija's class to learn to swim like a merman.

"People think that most men are thinking that this is only for girls or women, but I disagree. This is for everyone," said Parviainen.

Classes are held in a pool in a Helsinki suburb during the winter, but during the summer the mermaids and mermen can choose to swim in about 180-thousand lakes in Finland.

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