A Better Region 8: Arkansas General Assembly now in session

A Better Region 8: Arkansas General Assembly now in session

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This week, the Arkansas Legislative session began.

Infrastructure needs, cutting income taxes, and ethics reform are the main points of focus for this session.

All three are great things to focus on for politicians. Talking about these items keeps folks elected.

Let's break that down.

They're working to consolidate state agencies into fewer silos to save money. That's a good thing.

The governor and the Republican-led state House and Senate want to cut income taxes, but they also say we need at least $200 million annually to keep our roads in decent shape.

It'll take more to build or widen any roads.

Legislators don't have a good path on how to get there.

Well, let's predict this now: Our income taxes will go down and our fuel tax will go up.

We're not advocating it, just a prediction.

Then, there’s the ethics dilemma.

Several former state legislators face prison time and fines after being charged with taking bribes and other crimes.

Ethics reform isn't hard to do. So, let's stay on our legislators to make sure they're going to do something about it instead of just talking.

Our state government has an important job to do for us today and to make sure we're on the best path for a great tomorrow.

Let’s get involved with our state legislators and leaders to make sure they’re doing the job we sent them to Little Rock to do.

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