Government shutdown affects the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

Government shutdown affects the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The longest government shutdown in history is affecting millions of Americans, including many in our area.

With no end in sight for the shutdown, people and organizations around the country are looking for ways to cope.

The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas is one of those organizations.

They rely on several federal programs that help with the commodity distribution program and their senior food programs.

Although they have been assured that they will continue to receive food for those programs, any kind of reimbursement that they get for the services will cease until the government is reopened.

Also, recipients of SNAP benefits or food stamps could potentially feel the impact.

CEO of the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas Christie Jordan is worried about the end result if the shutdown continues.

“We’re not going to have enough money to be able to serve families that we normally serve plus families that receive Snap Benefits that are struggling,” said Jordan.

They anticipate the lines at the food pantry toward the end of February to continue getting longer.

The shelves at the Food Bank are predominantly empty already.

There is an opportunity for the community to pull together for our neighbors in need and that can be done by donating to the local food pantry or to the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas.

To make a donation, visit the food bank’s website or call 870-932-3663.

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