Those who helped Jayme Closs want her to get $50,000 reward after making own escape

Those who helped Jayme Closs want her to get $50,000 reward after making own escape
Jayme Closs escaped from her captor on Jan. 10. (Source: FBI)

(Gray News) – At the time Jayme Closs escaped from the man who murdered her parents and held her for more than two months, a $50,000 reward stood on offer for information leading to her rescue.

But the couple who called 911 for her, after she escaped and was brought to their house, are pointing out that she rescued herself.

They’re saying she should get the $50,000.

Kristin and Peter Kasinskas said they haven’t been called about a reward, and it’s unclear if Jeanne Nutter, the woman walking her dog that Closs first approached after escaping, has been either. Peter Kasinksas told the Associated Press this week they don’t want it.

“Because she got herself out,” his wife, Kristin Kasinskas, told CNN.

It’s unclear if there’s any precedent for a person being given their own reward money.

In Tennessee last year, however, a couple who were victimized by runaway inmates and eventually able to call authorities were in consideration for the reward money that was on offer for information leading to their recapture.

In that case, authorities never disclosed where the money went, though at least some of it was dispersed to people in Tennessee, where they lived.

The FBI Milwaukee office told CNN it is reviewing what to do with the reward.

It’s also unclear who is responsible for half of the reward. The FBI originally offered $25,000, and the employer of Closs’ parents Jennie-O Turkey Store, added another $25,000.

“We continue to be in conversations with law enforcement officials and the family and hope to have an announcement shortly,” a representative from Hormel, the company that owns Jennie-O, said in an email.

The sheriff of Barron County, where Closs was taken from on the night of Oct. 15, has called Closs “the hero in this case.”

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