Free speech on school campuses part of proposed bill

Free speech on school campuses part of proposed bill
Legislation hopes to protect free speech. (Source: KARK)

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KARK) - A state senator from Central Arkansas has been working on legislation to protect free speech rights on high school and college campuses.

As Little Rock television station KARK reports, St. Sen. Kim Hammer, R-Benton, said the proposal is presented as a conservative bill but will allow students and groups to freely express their opinions across the political spectrum.

“Whether conservative or liberal, either one, it just affords them a greater amount of protection to be able to do that without retribution either on the part of the professor that’s in the classroom or the administration on the campus they’re attending,” Hammer said.

Senate Bill 118 protects a list of free speech, including ideas and opinions that administrators may find immoral, offensive, and racist.

The bill should appear for its first vote in a Senate committee in the coming weeks.

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