Arkansas federal employees rally to end shutdown

Arkansas federal employees rally to end shutdown
A rally to end the government shutdown took place in Little Rock on Monday. (Source: KATV)

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KATV) - The government shutdown is ongoing and members of the country’s largest federal employee union rallied in Little Rock on Monday.

President of the American Federation of Government Employees, Barbara Casanova, told Little Rock television station KATV that they are beyond frustrated at this point, as thousands of Arkansans continue to go without a paycheck.

“There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight,” Casanova said. “I know our president has said that he’ll hold out for months or even years, but the American people can’t. Particularly those who depend on that paycheck to take care of their family.”

Also joining the rally was another labor union, members of the Arkansas chapter of American Federal Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

Due to the length of the shutdown, the AGFE chapter in North Little Rock is collecting donations to help federal workers get by.

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