Buffalo National Park employees work despite furlough

Buffalo National Park employees work, despite furlough

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As the government shutdown continues, national parks everywhere are taking a hit even here in Arkansas.

Luckily the shutdown is happening during the slow months for the river, but there are still a lot of things park workers have to keep up in the area.

The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance, a volunteer group working to protect the river, was in town today.

They pointed out the furloughed national park workers were still busy keeping their area clean, even outside of the national park.

“Those furloughed national park employees aren’t just at home sitting around the fire, they’re out they did a cleanup project at our local library in Newton County just the other day,” said President of the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance Gordon Watkins, “They’re out and about and helping out in the community even though they’re furloughed.”

Watkins said that volunteers and groups like the watershed alliance are helping national park employees keep the park clean.

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