Owl takes death-defying ride after colliding with SUV

Owl takes death-defying ride in SUV's grill

LEHI, UTAH (KSL) - A Lehi, Utah man says he was shocked to see what he thought was roadkill staring back at him with blinking yellow eyes.

Rushton Hiltbrand says he was heading home late Saturday night when he struck a large bird. He was sure the animal died on impact, but when he got home he saw it was alive, breathing, and stuck behind the grill of his Ford Expedition.

“It looks so big, and I don’t know how it could get in,” said Hiltbrand “Through the top there’s no way to get in and underneath it’s closed. I was bewildered by the fact that it was stuck in there.”

The Great Horned Owl didn’t appear to sustain serious injuries, but it took a major effort from Hiltbrand and a wildlife expert to remove the bird safely.

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