Caught on Cam: Dogs save stroke victim

Hero dogs save stroke victim

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL (WLTV/NBC News) - Maureen Hatcher collapsed in her St. Augustine, Florida home back on December 3rd. A clot had cut off the blood flow to the right side of her brain, which meant the clock was ticking to prevent permanent brain damage.

Fortunately, her dogs Sadie and Bella were there, and leaped into action.

“I remember Sadie coming in,” Hatcher said. “I said mommy needs help and then they were gone.”

Almost as if they knew they had to act quickly, Bella and Sadie ran off.

The Ring™ camera on the front door caught the moment the loyal pets dashed across the street to alert a neighbor.

Moments later the neighbor arrived at the house, found Hatcher, and called 911.

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