Bus drivers speaking out about a growing concern endangering kids

Bus drivers speaking out about a growing concern endangering kids

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Bus drivers in a local school district are speaking out about a growing concern that’s endangering their students.

More often, drivers are ignoring those stop signs that flip out when kids get on or off a school bus.

Two Nettleton school bus drivers said they see it happen every day.

“Some more than others,” Vicki Copeland said. “We can just about guarantee it happening at least once every day.”

Bus drivers are tasked with carrying irreplaceable cargo.

“We’re there to transport students safely to and from school,” said Steven Hutcherson said.

But it's not their actions putting kids in danger.

"It upsets me," Hutcherson said. "It makes me nervous."

It’s other drivers on the road who are too distracted or impatient to obey the law.

"We've even had some vehicles pass us on the right hand side with the children getting off on the right hand side," Copeland said. "That's just waiting to kill a child."

Some bus drivers have gone as far as reporting license plate numbers, but there’s no proof the owner of the car was actually driving.

"And then it's thrown out of court," Copeland said.

It's leaving bus drivers at a dead end and calling out for change before it's too late.

"There's no consequences until a child is dead," Copeland said.

Copeland and Hutcherson are both advocating for fines for the owner of the cars, no matter who is driving it, and for every driver to pay attention.

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