A Better Region 8: Gov. Hutchinson’s Tax Cut Proposal

A Better Region 8: Gov. Hutchinson’s Tax Cut Proposal

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Governor Hutchinson’s income tax proposal is making its way through the legislature.

It'll likely pass the House. It's already passed the Senate.

The plan lowers the state income tax rate for those making above $86,000 a year from 6.9 percent to 5.9 percent.

Great news if you fall into that tax bracket.

It's probably bad news for many Arkansans because those hundreds of millions of dollars in lost government funding will mean a cut in state services.

Think about it: if your paycheck is smaller, that means you have less money to spend.

Arkansas is one of a handful of states that requires the budget to be balanced each year.

However, the governor and legislature in all their wisdom haven't said exactly where they'll cut to make up for that loss.

I bet they start where the state spends the most money: health care, public education, and transportation.

Ah yes, highways.

The state's been told and has committed to improving our roads.

The latest price tag is $450 million.

No legislator will cut road funding - especially for their own districts.

So that leaves fewer places in the pie to take it from.

It's not that anyone should be for or against a tax cut or increase but we should all know what services will be cut or added anytime you start messing with our money.

The Region 8 News team will continue to ask these questions, and I’d suggest you do the same with your state legislators about how our money is being spent.

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