Students create portrait of MLK for Black History Month

Students create portrait of MLK for Black History Month

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students at one area school spent Friday working together to create an image of one of our country’s most influential people.

The kids at the Nettleton STEAM school painted squares to be placed together in the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Over 40 students worked together with their art teacher, Cody Willoughby, and completed the project in three days.

“They followed my direction and they worked together really hard and we got it done rather quickly,” Willoughby said. “I think they really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it.”

Sixth grade student Connor Tinsley was one of many students involved in the project and he said he looks forward to more projects in the future.

“I’d like to do more projects like this,” Tinsley said. “Because I really like painting squares that represent a color that makes a really good image.”

Fellow sixth grader Laveuna Cox said she learned a lot.

“He fought for equal rights,” Cox said. “He made peace.”

Willoughby said it is important for the students to learn through the project.

“So, this gives them the opportunity to use their creativity and make their own route to solve problems,” Willoughby said. “It’s not about what the artwork looks like, it’s all about the process and what they gain from actually making the project.”

Representatives with the school said they plan for students to participate in more projects like this in the future.

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