Dads, daughters dance the night away

School hosts Father-Daughter Dance

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Dads and daughters were dressed to the nines Saturday night to dance the night away.

Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies Magnet School hosted its first ever father, daughter dance at Southwest Church of Christ.

The whole purpose was to have a night just for the girls, but it impacted the organizers just as much.

“It’s been emotional for us, we’re just as excited as the girls,” Teacher Jenna Futrell said. “They feel so special, they feel like a princess, and it’s just a night to honor them.”

“We want Health and Wellness girls to be girls of character and to encourage one another,” School Improvement Brenna Anthony said. “And we’ve seen that through them talking about how beautiful they look and saying hey, I love your dress and hey, let’s dance together.”

Gift baskets were raffled off Saturday night as well.

Money from those tickets will go straight back to the students at Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies.

And they plan to make this an annual event.

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