Planting season in 2019 remains a mystery for Arkansas farmers

Planting season in 2019 remains a mystery for Arkansas farmers
(Source: KAIT)

(KAIT) - The upcoming planting season across Arkansas is anyone's guess, with some crops performing poorly due to bad weather, low prices, and a trade war with China.

According to an article published by Talk Business & Politics, prices for soybeans, the number one crop in Arkansas and in Craighead County, hovered around $9.16 per bushel despite the trade war, with several soybean fields in Craighead County remaining unharvested through late January.

Farmers harvested an estimated 3.25 million soybean acres across the state, a 250,000-bushel drop from 2017.

According to Branon Thiesse, Craighead County extension agent, around 600 acres of peanuts also remained unharvested as of late January.

According to the Univ. of Arkansas Agriculture Extension Office, growing rice in rows proved to be beneficial for farmers, with the number of rice row acres jumping from 40,000 in 2017 to over 100,000 acres in 2018.

Several farmers also benefited from input cost savings, with growing rice in rows saving a producer up to $70 an acre.

Debate also continues over the herbicide, dicamba, with state officials formulating a plan that would allow for applications with restrictions through May.

Farmers also harvested 1.422 million acres of rice, a nearly 300,000-acre increase. Farmers also produced 7,500 pounds of rice per acre, a ten-pound increase from 2017.

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