Apps help fight winter blues

Apps help fight winter blues

NATIONAL (NBC/KAIT) - There are apps that can help turn that frown upside down, and also help fight the winter blues.

The app called ‘Happify’ includes games and activities proven effective in helping users become happier and more optimistic.

The user can set goals in different “tracks” of life, such as helping improve confidence.

Activities are often as simple as listing things the user is grateful for or noticing positive words in a game and avoiding negative ones.

The app is free for IOS and Android with premium features available for purchase.

Live happy’ is all about positive psychology.

It offers a specific focus on activities that can bring about more positive feelings, and also offers up podcasts of best-selling authors and happiness gurus who share their knowledge on topics such as wellness, gratitude, well-being and mindfulness.

The app is free for IOS and Android.

Think Up’ teaches positive affirmations to embrace.

The user can set them to music and be reminded to focus on them, tracking the number of positive thoughts they’ve listened to during their day. It trains the brain to focus on positive thoughts throughout the day making the user happy.

The app is free for IOS and Android.

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