Mississippi County voters approve splitting hospital tax

Mississippi County voters approve splitting hospital tax
Special election held to determine courthouse renovation. (Source: KAIT-TV)

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The official results of the special Mississippi County election held Tuesday have been released.

Mississippi County Public Affairs Director Steven Savage released the following votes:

  • Ordinance 1: 980 (for) to 385 (against)
  • Ordinance 2: 1,005 (for) to 395 (against)

The special election comes as Mississippi County residents decide whether or not to extend the current half-cent hospital tax and split it to include renovations to the Blytheville and Osceola Courthouses.

County Judge John Nelson praised the approval of the ordinances.

“Everywhere we went, it was obvious to me that people really wanted these historic buildings to stay in place, but they also were very adamant that they wanted our hospitals to stay in business, especially with the industry we keep throughout the county,” Judge Nelson said.

The tax was originally scheduled to sunset in 2020.

Now, that has extended to 2051 and would provide $16 million for the Blytheville renovation, $2 million for the Osceola renovation, and funds to help sustain the Mississippi County Hospital System.

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