Officials address road concerns after rain

Craighead Co. pothole problems

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - After more than six inches of rain fell across Craighead County, officials now must deal with roads that are riddled with washouts and potholes.

With a long list of issues to address, crews were out early Tuesday getting to work.

Between replacing culverts, laying new gravel, and patching up paved roads, County Judge Marvin Day says it’s all about prioritizing the need.

“We had quite a few roads that were completely washed out where we have to go in, maybe reinstall a culvert or spread some gravel in there just so people can get home,” Judge Day said.

After that, crews turn their attention to larger potholes that are causing problems.

Gravel roads can be fixed pretty quickly.

Paved roads may not see permanent fixes until there’s drier weather.

If you come across a road problem, you can contact the road department or the county judge’s office.

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