A Better Region 8: Infrastructure and levees

A Better Region 8: Infrastructure and levees

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - I’m not sure what happened or exactly when it happened but the infrastructure in our country is deteriorating faster than we can or care to maintain it.

Yes, we're building new roads and bridges. But the infrastructure, as a whole, is aging and there's little talk of an overall plan or how to pay for repairs or replacement.

Take, for example, the levees along the White and Black rivers.

Most of them were paid for with federal money and then maintained at the local level.

Randolph County has been flooded twice because the levees weren't able to support the swollen river.

It's happening now - but on a more egregious level in Jackson County.

The Army Corps of Engineers found the levee to be in danger of failing in 2014.

Here we are five years later and no fix.

There will be plenty of finger pointing and I bet if we look hard enough there will be plenty of blame to go around from the federal government on down to the local level.

Either way, the corps estimates 400 structures are in danger if there’s a levee breach that will cost well over $20 million in damage.

I bet the levee repair would cost a lot less.

I’m not sure what happened or when it happened, but we have to pay attention to the infrastructure crumbling beneath our feet.

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