‘Carlton’ dance can’t be copyrighted, feds say

Alfonso Ribeiro takes on Fortnite for stealing his 'Carlton Dance'

(CNN) - Former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star Alfonso Ribeiro is famous for his “Carlton” dance, but the U.S. Copyright Office doesn’t think it’s all that unique.

Ribeiro is suing two video game publishers for using the dance without permission in Fortnite and the NBA 2K series games.

He tried to get the dance copyrighted as part of the lawsuits, but the U.S. Copyright Office said the famous moves are just a “simple dance routine” which doesn’t make it eligible for registration as copyrighted choreography.

Other celebrities have also come forward to sue the makers of the popular Fortnite game for using their signature dances for profit.

Ribeiro’s attorney David Hecht is also representing rapper 2 Milly who created the “Milly Rock” and Russell Horning, also known as the “Backpack Kid” who says he created the popular dance known as “Floss.”

The denial was revealed in a motion to dismiss the Ribiero’s lawsuit against Take Two Interactive, the makers of the NBA2k series, the Associated Press reported.

A hearing on the motion to dismiss is scheduled for March 18.

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