Conservative students receive death threat after ‘Build the Wall’ post

Conservative students threatened on social media after ‘Build the Wall’ post

OSWEGO, NY (WSYR/CNN) – Police at SUNY Oswego are investigating after some conservative students were threatened on social media.

Tyler Toomey, who heads the SUNY Oswego Republican Club and the Young Americans for Freedom, is disgusted by what he saw on Twitter.

Students with the group set up a table with the words “Build the Wall” at a campus expo on Tuesday.

Toomey said this sparked constructive conversations with some students while others gave them negative looks.

"Besides a bunch of dirty looks, nothing really confrontational happened at the table," Toomey said.

When the photo was posted to social media, violent threats were made by multiple accounts.

"From there it just really blew up, went viral,” Toomey said. “Some of the things, harassment, bullying, turned violent, threats of shooting us, threats of jumping us, beating us up."

Officers requested information from Twitter.

The tweets have now been taken down and the accounts have been suspended.

“Violent threats will not be tolerated and are not protected by freedom of speech,” said SUNY Oswego’s President Deborah Stanley in a statement. "We will pursue offenders as soon as we become aware of threats of violence or other criminal acts.”

The threats have brought campus political groups from both sides of the aisle together.

"One of the campus leaders, especially in the Democrat Club and other Democrats on campus have reached out in support and they are staying with us against threats of violence,” Toomey said. “They don't agree with us on policy but a lot of student leaders from those groups are supporting us."

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