Hands-on food industry learning at Newport High School

Hands-on food industry learning at Newport High School

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - Students at Newport High School interested in the food industry now have the option to learn about the food business and work in an actual restaurant.

Started five years ago, the Hungry Hound Cafe provides students with an opportunity to learn how to work in the food industry.

Newport High School Family Consumer Science teacher Leanne Bradley said the kitchen includes all commercial utensils, items, equipment and it gives the students hands-on experience.

There are two programs of study for students looking to learn about the food industry offered at Newport High School: General Family Consumer Science and Food Production.

There is also an option to get ServSafe certified, which Bradley said will help the students become more competitive in the food industry.

Jillian Turner, a senior at Newport High School, said what she has enjoyed most about the program is working on a team.

“When you are in school everything is about yourself, and you don’t really get to understand how it is to work on a team and how important it is to work with someone,” Turner said.

Turner also said the communication skills learned in the program are beneficial.

Chloe Hardaway, a senior at Newport High School, said she has had two jobs working in a restaurant and the program helped her get a job.

“Getting certified has really helped a lot,” Hardaway said.

Family Consumer Science Teacher at Newport High School Leanne Bradley said people have called for her Hungry Hound students that are ServSafe certified to work in the food industry.

“As you can see the dining room, it’s beautiful, it’s floor-length table cloths, it’s monogrammed napkins and the students come in have their special aprons and things on,” Bradley said. "And the people that come in are treated to an entree and desert for a good price.”

Bradley said the food programs are offered for juniors and seniors at Newport High School.

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