Oklahoma WWII veteran gets 70,000 cards after story goes viral

Marlow WWII veteran gets 70,000 cards after story goes viral

MARLOW, OK (TNN) - Recil Troxel, the World War II veteran we told you about last month, has gotten around 70,000 cards and letters since our story first aired. Troxel loves checking the mail each day, so his family asked for people to send him cards for his upcoming birthday. He’s now gotten mail from all around the world.

Bags full of letters are coming to his house every day, and his daughter, Liz Anderson, said the mail carrier told her they don’t mind the extra mail they’re delivering at all. She said her dad is loving it.

"He's like a kid in a candy store,” Anderson said. “He can't wait to get into the packages and see what's in there and then we read the cards. He'll just look over them and the ones that play music he'll hold it to his ear."

She said she never thought he'd get more than 100 cards.

“The first day it came we got four packages and six letters, and I thought well that’s good, and then Monday hit, and I got six bags of letters, and over 100 packages,” she said.

His oldest granddaughter, Tracy Nichols said her family is blown away from all the cards her grandpa is getting. She said she can't help but cry because of the kindness people are showing.

"It's heartwarming to know that people are just loving him like we do,” she said. “I get messages almost daily. The people are adopting him because they don't have grandparents and they're adopting my grandpa, and it just makes me happy."

A group of soldiers from Fort Sill came to his house on Wednesday to deliver a plaque making him an honorary member of the 434th Field Artillery Brigade.

"It lets us never forget the history of the military which is side-by-side with the history of our country," 1st Sgt. Justin Vance said.

They decided to visit him after seeing the story. Once they realized Marlow wasn’t far, they got in contact with the family.

"We can't have a WWII veteran, there's not many of them left, we can't have him getting mail to be the most exciting thing that happens during the day,” Vance said.

Troxel shook the hand of each soldier that came out and even told them that he thought he could still take them. He also got around 200 cards delivered from Oxford Glen Memory Care in Sachse Texas.

Anderson said her dad didn't talk about fighting in WWII very much as she was growing up, but after getting the cards, he has started talking about it more.

"I went through a lot of places on my hands and my knees,” Troxel said. “I crawled all the way."

Anderson listens to her dad tell the stories while they're making their regular drive around town and they spend hours opening packages and cards sent to him. She said he doesn't always understand why people are sending him cards from all over the world.

"I'm like 'cause they like you. You fought for your country, and they're proud of you’,” Anderson said. "I'm proud of everybody that's doing this because it shows that they have caring hearts and they want to share with other people."

If you’d like to send him a letter, it’s not too late because his birthday isn’t until April. You can send a letter to:

Recil Troxel

2684 North Highway 81

Marlow, Oklahoma 73055.

As you can imagine, it’s taking the family a little bit of time to get through each letter with him and nearly impossible to send replies to all the letters but know that he’s getting them.

His family made him a Facebook page so you can continue following his story.

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