Farmers learn about new agricultural advances at expo

Farmers learn about new agricultural advances at expo
Vendors and farmers attended an event to merge ideas for advancement in the agricultural community.

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - An event hosted by Lawrence and Randolph counties educated farmers from across portions of Arkansas about various agricultural topics.

The Agri Appreciation Expo was held in Pocahontas Friday at Black River Technical College.

Farmers were given the opportunity to learn more about topics such as breakthroughs on disease control and crop irrigation.

Vice President of Institutional Advancement with Black River Technical College Karen Liebhaber said agriculture is important in the region.

“In Northeast Arkansas, agriculture is one of our major industries,” Liebhaber said. “It’s essential to all of our economic development.”

Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Chairman Dave Lawrence said for most families, agriculture impacts their way of life in one way or another.

“Agriculture is kind of everybody’s heritage in this area that’s raised here,” said Lawrence. “About everyone in your family, or someone, or a cousin or brother or sister, is in the agri-business in this area.”

Liebhaber said it is important for those involved in agriculture to merge their resources.

“The Ag Expo is a chance for the different agriculture groups within the different counties to get together and merge their resources,” Liebhaber said. “Since agriculture is such a strong economic drive for Northeast Arkansas.”

Agriculture experts from around the state were also at the expo. They spoke to farmers about new legislation and state agencies that can help farmers in need.

Lawrence said it’s also important to continue education in agriculture.

“We’re able to reach out for you to help connect you to some of those resources that may be available that you have not been able to reach before,” Lawrence said. “We’re hopeful to continue our education for our farmers and do what we can to help them out.”

Officials with BRTC said they think the event will continue to grow each year.

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