Local police department helps fellow officer after stroke

Dept. Helps Fellow Officer After Stroke

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 police department has banded together to help a fellow officer after he suffered from a stroke earlier this month.

It was a scary situation for Pocahontas Officer KC Starr when he suffered a stroke on Feb. 1.

“Last thing I remember is my right leg and my right arm just locked up and I fell to the ground,” said Starr.

Luckily for Starr, he was able to get the help he needed as soon as it happened.

“Some of the other cadets caught me,” said Starr, “One of the cadets was a first responder from Clay County, he immediately started administering aid to me.”

The fast response time ultimately saved his life, and Starr walked away with no serious complications.

Starr left the hospital just a week after the incident.

“I know he’d be there for me any day of the week, so I had to be there for him,” said SRO Demetris Noles.

The Pocahontas Police Department has been with Starr every step of the way.

The department has set up fundraisers, made visits to the Little Rock hospital, and made sure Starr knows he’s more than just a fellow officer.

“They’re not my department, they’re my family,” said Noles.

Now just a few weeks after his stroke, Officer Starr is thankful for everything his community and department are doing to support him.

"In law enforcement we assist with medical calls on a daily basis and you know, it’s one thing to do it when you’re working but when you’re on the other end of it it’s a different story, " said Starr.

While this has been a terrifying experience, Starr has walked away with a new perspective.

“We spend all of our time trying to take care of other people we forget to take care of ourselves sometimes,” said Starr.

Starr’s stroke has impacted everyone at Pocahontas PD, leaving everyone a little more thankful for the family they have in the department.

“Moments like this that you realize how golden people really are, so it helps,” said Noles.

Starr plans to return to duty as soon as he’s cleared by his doctors.

If you’re interested in donating to help Officer Starr during his recovery, visit the GoFundMe set up by Cpl. Dallas Basco with PPD, or by visiting any First National Bank in Lawrence County and donating in his name.

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