Local department creates Street Crimes Unit to focus on proactive policing

Blytheville police create street crimes unit

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 police department is taking a more proactive approach to policing by creating their own Street Crimes Unit.

The Blytheville Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit is made up of 11 officers and one sergeant in charge, all of whom volunteered to work the extra hours.

The unit’s main purpose is patrol and surveillance, proactive work meant to deter crime.

Officers in the unit also investigate open cases and follow up on Crimestoppers’ tips, without having to worry about interruptions from everyday calls.

Patrolman Cade Liles stepped up to be part of the unit, hoping to make a difference.

"Because I believe it helps out the community," Liles said. "It shows that their officers are willing to come in and put forth extra effort and work to help out the community."

Because the Blytheville Police Department has several open positions, they're able to fund the unit with money from those unused salaries.

But they do still have adequate staffing, because even though they are lower on officers, all but one are already certified.

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